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How Physiotherapy Can Help The Elderly

The physical effects of ageing are well known. These include:

  • Decreased muscle mass and therefore strength
  • Decreased elasticity of tendons and ligaments leading to muscle and joint stiffness
  • Decreased strength in the heart muscles also making it harder to pump blood around the body
  • Osteoporosis (weakening of bones leading to fractures)
  • Joint stiffness and arthritis


The processes of ageing can be slowed by regular stretching and exercise. Current research shows many benefits of activity in the elderly including: increasing muscle mass and slowing the effects of ageing, decreased risk of falling, increasing blood flow and improving cardio function, maintaining independence etc.

Physiotherapy can help guide you in a gentle, safe activity or exercise program according to your needs. Recommendations to improve safety in the home or walking can also be made. Prescribing walkers, aides, hip protectors etc can all help to prevent injuries in the elderly.

Physiotherapy treatment services (massage, electrical and movement therapy) to help ease the pain of arthritis or other injuries are important to provide comfort and allow better quality of life for our elderly population.


Ocean Beach Rd Physiotherapy
433 Ocean Beach Road, UMINA, 2257
(02) 4342 0999

Brisbane Water Drive Physiotherapy, Sports Injuries, Spinal and Rehabilitation Centre
Shop 2, 41 Brisbane Water Drive, Point Clare NSW 2250
(02) 4325 0111

Hardys Bay - Killcare - Wagstaffe Physiotherapy
Mobile Physio Service, HARDYS BAY, 2257
(02) 4360 2777

Saratoga-Davistown Physiotherapy
Shop 1, 10 Davistown Road, DAVISTOWN, 2251
(02) 4369 1022

Maidens Brush Rd Physiotherapy
Shop 5, Cnr Maidens Brush Rd & North Cres WYOMING, 2250
(02) 4322 5777


And house calls across all Central Coast NSW


Springfield Mobile Physiotherapy Service
(02) 4322 4000

Charmhaven Physiotherapy
Shop 5, 213-215 Pacific Hwy, CHARMHAVEN, 2263
(02) 4393 0520

Tuggerawong Physiotherapy
Shop 3, 2 Cadonia Road, TUGGERAWONG, 2259
(02) 4392 0555

Berkeley Vale - Lakedge Physiotherapy
Shop 5, 252 Lakedge Ave, BERKELEY VALE, 2261
(02) 4389 3318

Forresters Beach Physiotherapy
Shop 8b, 15 Forresters Beach Rd, FORRESTERS BEACH, 2260
(02) 4384 7666

Warnervale - Woongarrah Mobile Physiotherapy Service
0417 23 1819


Tea Gardens/Hawks Nest Physiotherapy, Sports Injuries, Spinal & Rehabilitation Centre
Shop 2, 209 Myall St, TEA GARDENS, 2324
(02) 4997 1200 or 0417 23 1819

Karuah Physiotherapy, Sports Injuries, Spinal & Rehabilitation Centre
(within Karuah Medical Centre)
406 Tarean Rd, KARUAH, 2324
(02) 4997 1200

Cessnock Physiotherapy
108A Aberdare Road Aberdare NSW 2325
(02) 4990 2700


And house calls across most of Lower Hunter/Port Stephens/Lake Macquarie/Cessnock